Get suggested for the coolest tariff plan for your cell in India

I got a mail from Prashant today informing about this website which is all about Phone Bills. is your one-stop solution for finding the best mobile plan in market for yourself. Value for money is something we all have in our mind. help you get the best value for your money.

This service finds the tariff plan most suited to your usage, ensuring that you pay the minimum bill amount. Gone are the days when you had to fight your way through the confusing jargon of plans and toppings of so many service providers. We currently support the major providers across India – Airtel, Hutch, Reliance, TataIndicom, BSNL and Spice. Intend to cover all regions in India and are actively working on the same. To use the service, all you need to do is tell your usage either by uploading E-Bill (pdf format) or specify minimal high level usage data using Recommendation wizard module. They recommend using E-Bills to get detailed insights on your usage as well as for more accurate recommendations.

I have been to some cool websites in US which have been providing such services for months but it is first of its kind, online service, in India. It seems that there is a big think-tank working behind this nice website and they are doing a big deal of work. All you need to register and upload some of your recent bills and you will be suggested some best of the market plans for a person like you. Almost every service provider provides facility to generate online PDF bills for its customers. Even then if you don’t want to share you data (although it is possible by uploading a limited detailed bill), you can go for the Recommendation wizard which asks you very basic details about your bills like Local Calls in Minutes, STD Calls in Minutes, No. of Local SMS(s), No. of National SMS(s) and few optional details like To Airtel (in %), To Landline (in %), To other mobiles (in %). Once the bills/details are uploaded, it Analyses the data and generates graphical report. There are two reports currently being generated –

  • Whom do you spend calling? (in Rs)

  • Usagewise Bill Break Up (in Rs)

On the shown analysis, it suggests the recommendations and the amount you can save.

I thought of trying it and registered. The I uploaded 2 of my recent bills of my service provider. Then it analyzed and shown me the above graphs and then recommended me an ideal tariff plan which could help me in saving Rs. 3900 annually. I was impressed from the graph generated and the distribution shown in form of pie chart. The plan suggested was of course the best plan in order to save the money but wasn’t the best from Service point of view as the Service provider it suggested is poor on connectivity at remote locations or when you are on roaming. That is the one drawback that the comparison of service providers isn’t show and is a suggested feature.

I liked the suggestion in the way it included the expected bill and the savings. Also the link to suggested plan is provided which takes you directly to the service providers website and links to that specific plan. You can get suggestions for multiple numbers.

I forgot to mention that it is mind-child of Trilogy, Bangalore.

Nice service.

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