Google Image Labeler

Google has come up with another useful service in multimedia space. It is Google Image Labeler.

As it appeared to me, it is a kind of feedback survey that Google has presented in its style. It wants visitors to help Google improve the relevance of images in Google images. So here goes the procedure –

  1. You are paired with anonymous person over net.
  2. You both are presented with same set of images which keep changing in time-span of 90 seconds.
  3. You have to label each image with as many tags as possible that comes to your mind after looking at it.
  4. If the labels provided by you both match, you will be given some points.
  5. After the game is over, you can navigate website linked through images.
  6. You will be shown the points earned in the game and the top scoring pairs will be listed on top-right corner of start page as it appeared to me before start of survey (although that was pretty high – I can’t believe that in 90 secs you can score 1900 when you are given 100 points for every match – surely they are Google bots…and what say about 1323500 – all time top contributor 8O).

I liked this kind of survey which is pretty different from other boring feedback forms…text and all without any much interactivity.

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