Omkara – The Othello

I was waiting to watch this movie for long time since I saw its first trailer. There were few reasons behind it…First, it is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj – the director of movies like Maachis, Satya, Maqbool (Another Shakespeare’s novel – Macbeth) and Chupke Se (I loved this movie). Secondly, it is based on Shakespeare’s famous novel – Othello. Moreover, the trailers showed very different picture of this movie than today’s bollywood’s drama movies…it seemed less romance but more logical. I had decided to go for this movie on its releasing day only, but things turned out like till 2000, I had no plan to go for it as I was very much occupied with work at that time.

And then all of sudden, I got call from Anish – my fun partner most of the times, specially in malls. He was asking if I have any plan to go for movies.

I – “Which movie?”

He – “Any, which we liked and got tickets for.”

I – “Which are running except Omkara…anyway, Omkara is impossible, that too when we are planning to leave by 2200″

He – “Another is Lady In The Water

I quickly checked its rating on It was given 6.3/10 and I told about him about it. Then we decided to go for other movies otherwise we will come back after roaming & bird watching. And when I reached home, I found that maid hadnt come, so I hadnt anything to do but I was hungry. So called Anish for earlier take off. So we were there on MG Road at 2200. First we looked for any show of Omkara at Sahara’s newly opened PVR although we knew that it is not possible at all to get tickets at this time when it is 1st day of its release in GGN and shows will be starting in 10-20 mins. Even then, we thought of giving it a try 🙂 – never say die!

Then after getting NO from Sahara (Anish went there), reached DT mall, there too tickets were already sold (as Anish found out). Then the final hope – Metro mall. There, after looking at display board, we found that here also, Omkara tickets are sold. So no chance that we can watch it tonight. So we decided to go for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and 2nd option will be Lady In Water…but call it My and Kunal’s extra-ordinary inter-personal comm skills or anything else but this time when we were with Anish to get the tickets, we even managed to get 3 star seats for movie – Omkara, finally. That too 5 minutes before start of last show of first day. We got 3 corner seats and later we realized that why the counter-man had told us – you will remember me for the seats that I gave to you and you will also got to know why corner seats are the best to see this movie, once you got to watch it.

We were amazed that junta started clapping just on seeing the censor certificate of movie. We noticed that there were many foreigners sitting in hall. The movie starts with a vulgar abuse by Saif – the first dialogue of this movie and I was shocked, Saif and abuse??? And as the movie went on, we realized that abuses are just like dialogues in this movie to the actors. Movie is full of abuses – a statutory warning for all those who are planning to go for it with their dear ones. On interval of every 2-3 mins, you got to hear one. The whole movie is shot in UP and the background resembles very much to today’s UP. Last movie that I watched on UP’s political plot as Seher – A real life story. Omkara is about a person named Omkara aka Omi Shukla (Othello) who is kinda DON and controls the political as well as criminal grounds in his region. He is the leading gangster in his area. He has strong support from to be chief minister – Naseeruddin Shah aka Bhaisaab (Brabanzio). Then Omi has two strong supports/mates as Vivek – Kesu Firangi (Michael Cassio) and Saif – Langda Tyagi (Iago). Saif is the man who is greatly hurtled from the decision of Ajay when he selects Vivek as his descendant. He decides to take revenge from Vivek for snatching his much desired seat…even Ajay accepts at one point that Saif was the deserving person but Vivek got the max power with him to make Ajay win in elections. Then come series of misbelieves and misleading events one after other – all created by Saif to take his retaliation. Kareena – Dolly Mishra (Desdemona) is lover of Ajay who leaves her home for him. But she never become able to get trust from Ajay. Her innocent acting is very touching and she is the only character in movie who never abused. Konkana Sen-Sharma – Indu (Emilia) as Saif’s wife, has acted marvelously – the way she delivers dialogues at right time and then acts to the situations very promptly. I wud say that she was right choice for such a difficult but artful character. Bips err Bipasha – Billo (Bianca), the singer of Billo Chaman Bahar & Archestra and Vivek’s partner, is a very bold but short character. And so was the bold acting by Bipasha.

Vishal has presented Omkara by putting Indian soul in Othello and he has done a great job (if the vulgarity in this movie is ignored as per Anish but I think it was necessary to make it a part of such drama in order to make it success). He has tried to keep it as light as possible but by te end, it becomes very heavy. At one side he has tried to show the lady character – as is depicted by Hindu Vedas and on the other side, it is shown, how wrong/fool a man can happen to be by blindly following his people. The whole sympathy had gone with Kareena and of course, evone had cursed Ajay for what he did in the end, if he hadnt been shown believing what Saif made him listen – a very cleverly drawn plot around Vivek. The dialogue delivery is just magnificenet and it wont be wrong to say that dialogues have made this movie more lively. Be it the time when Vivek fools around with Saif while playing marbles, when Konkana Sen taunts Ajay, when she makes chapatis for Vivek after quarrel between Vivek & Ajay, Billo’s twits around Vivek for his philandering, Konkana’s tries to make Kareena soothe, Naseeruddin’s appearance as more than just a political leader, and overall, a story revolving around a family of just couple of guys.
In my view, the main character in this novel is Iago and it wud had been unjustified if his character hadnt been highlighted properly in this movie. And I will like to add, that it met the expectation of viewers in the movie. Saif has just outperformed – I wud say the best ever role that I watched him paying just because of his adaptation of role in himself, the UP accent, the vileness, the shrewd mind games and of course, the typical get-up. Vivek has done his role very sincerely. Other characters are also justified and none is made to go in background for long. We enjoyed this movie to the fullest and laughed like anything except Anish whose colleague was sitting with her husband in gap of just one seat and she knew him ;M).

I forgot to add, ate 2 burgers during movie in order to fill my stomach with something.

Also saw DON’s poster – inspired from Matrix, where creativity has gone out from Farhan after Dil Chahta Hai?

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