I am using Office 2007 beta 2

I got it from my tech savvy TL – Sid. I had never thought that he is also a geek like me until I saw Vista and Office 2007 (both beta) installed on his lappi. I loved that and I am happy to know that someone else also likes to try things out of box, like me.

Well, after I compared his env with mine, there wasnt much diff, we both are using Vista and Office 2007 now. I had Vista installed few days ago and today, rather going for downloading 100s of MB of office, I preferred to ask Sid first if he, by any chance, holds it and he had it. I got it and now I am enjoying ultra kool (and somewhat buggy also) features of Office 2007. The menu is completely change…there are no more multiple, cluttered, hierarchical drop-down menus but buttons for each category. A single click instead of multiple keyboard hits or mouse clicks 🙂

If I started discussing about all the features, it will take more than a night. So all I will like to share is what has been consuming most of my time. Outlook is sleeker and lovely instead few new but attractive and still slow & in growing phase. First thing that I did in outlook was to organize all the things at place as they were cluttered very much till now, since I was using Office 2000. In excel, there has been introduced new format for files. So u better, save all your excel files in new format, after you upgrade to Office 2007 – sounds duh?…to me too.

Similarly there is new format for word docs after 2003, and same is for other apps…quite obvious!

Thing that I loved the most was the RSS Feeds directory in outlook…I was soooo happy tat I can now import all my feeds and organize them in outlook but once I imported the OMPL files, I found all the organization of feeds lost. There was no hierarchy and for feeds counting more than 100, it is not an easy task to organize them again. And if you want to delete feeds (remember 100s of them), you need to right click -> delete -> yes for every one of them. Man, MS got to do something in this case. I decided to go with my previous feed tool for now.

I am still going with the features…but I am liking the new interface on new WINs 😉

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