Digg Labs launched

The most popular social bookmarking website’s much awaited labs website has been launched today.

Digg labs, as it is called, is about wider view of Digg. It is something about summarizing the stories, which are widely scattered over digg, to present them in an organized way to the users. Presently there are two tools presented on the website – Stack and Swarm. Stack is real time implementations of diggs and the most popular stories are shown in brighter colors. Here is the most recent one on my PC.

Swarm is circular presentation of stories being dugg, and the users who digg them linked to big circles in form of small circles. I tried clicking the user names which sud had opened the user profile but it displayed an error message stating that due to high load, some pages on Digg Labs may not display correctly…blah blah.

And in near future, Digg is planning to release public API for developers in order to provide them access to the data of these projects.

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