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I was visiting this website as I wanted to find a nice niche where I can upload photos, organize thme and display them in a bit different style. And I landed at

This website provides you ability to share your photos in form of slide-show. All you need is, to upload your photos on this website, and it takes the rest of pain to convert them in form of a slideshow…that too in flash.

Here is the procedure –

  • Browse and upload your photos (3 at a time) manually one by one as there is no tool provided so far to upload photos directly to this website (keep in mind that it is still in beta phase). You are also provided with the option to create slideshow from your account on Photobucket/Flickr/MySpace or any Image URL. I loved this feature as this website still fulfills its purpose – to create a slideshow, no matter where the photos are residing. In future, I will suggest to include Yahoo! photos and Picasa Web too. I uploaded phototgraphs of one of my trips – total of 46. Slideshow is created alongside as the photos are uploaded. You can customize the slide show by selecting different styles, themes, captions, sizes and extras which include Privacy level option.

I selected the Style as sliding, Theme as bubbles, Caption as tiny and Privacy as anyone can see my slideshow. You can drag and drop the photos in proper order. You are provided with the ability to set the speed of slideshow.

  • Once uploaded all the photos, Save the slide show. The button is provided at the end of page.
  • After saving the slide show, share it with your friends. If you have MySpace/Blogger/Xanga/Friendster/hi5 /typePad account, you can directly share it there providing your account info OR You get a URL to share it with friends. You can also use the URL on your website, in order to display the slide show. There are instruction about how to add slideshow on your website. But it doesnt provide any code for wordpress 🙁
    I loved the FAQ provided on websie as it is quite informative and very well managed. Alears almost all the doubts.

Once you have created the slideshow and download the slide setup, you come to know that you can create the slideshow from your PC also :D. Open the slide.exe file and you are all set to select multiple photos and create the slideshow.

All in all, I was satisfied from the features provided on the website and was overwhelmed when I got the slide tool. Now I can create slideshows just from few clicks of mouse and share them with my friends.

Just few suggestion –

1. WordPress support for the slideshow code will be great.


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