Digg 3.0

Next version of Digg is online after a temporary downtime in evening at around 1830 (IST).

There have been some really kool features added in this social bookmarking website which make online bookmarking more convenient. Here are few changes incorporated in current version –

  • The design of website is improved and innovative.
  • New links are added for selecting Top links of Today/Week/Month/Year.
  • You can un-digg a story if you digged it in start and later, going thro’ it, you found it unsuitable to be digged. Find undigg link under number of diggs. You can track the topics (Manage Topics) under Profile+History section.
  • You can view your history (History), Friends (Manage Friends) and view history of friends (Friends’ History) under Profile+History section.
  • You will find more and more sub-categories of categories like World & Business, Videos, Entertainment and Gaming on left hand side menu on clickking the down arrow.

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