Tanha – The Lonely

Pankaj also left me. He flew to Germany last night.His ticket got delayed by 2 days, so his departure was postponed to yesterday. When I came back from home in morning, he was packing things for his first on-site stint.

He had his last day at company completing the travel formalities and he got late by the time, he had to be at home in eve. Was a bit tensed – he had never even dreamt of going out of India :?. And now, he was. His first air travel ever and that too international – direct to Frankfurt :). So we were there – I, Kanav and Anish to relieve him from all tensions about the country in other continent.

80% of his luggage contained only food items as he was more worried if he will be getting anything veg. out there to eat in these months. And we were afraid if his baggage was overweight. And there were suggestions by his friends like paste something on your bag to identify on airport, keep important things spread in different bags etc. etc. – all to make ensure that his things aren’t lost anywhere…and I was telling him that it is plane and not any Punjab Roadways bus. He remained busy in arranging things till cab came in night at 2200. So there we 4 were travelling to airport. On the way, Pankaj was made to taste Indian milk for last time at one kulfi wala bcoz then, who know, when will he be able taste it again ;).

He was instructed to buy digi cam as first thing to do there after reaching. And send his photos in regular intervals. Also to do complete aish alongwith serious work.

International Airport happened to be more clumsy and dirty than Domestic Airport, to me and Bond. There was nothing like arrangement or systematization. The canteen was so unclean that we cudnt think to eat there. No popular food chain. You can find McD outside ISBT but there wasn’t any at Airport. So had to manage with only one existing near IGI Airport enterance. Ppl were parking there vehicles here and there. But there were beautiful ppl around :P. Wished Pankaj all the luck. After he got his luggage checked, and went out of our reach, we all came back by mid-night.

Kanav is also going to Finland in 2 weeks but it is uncertain (as he says, bcoz he hasn’t recieved formal invitation letter :D)! He wants to meet Katrina there whose name, he has seen, multiple times appearing in his project’s code. We hope that she turns out to be a young beautiful girl. All the best, Kanav. So once he left, we 2 – I & Anish, will be two lonely wandering souls in our BIG homes.
By the time, we reached home, Spain Vs Tunisia was on and Tunisia, surprizingly, made goal in 8th minute of game. Till half time, Tunisia was leading by 1-0 although Spain was having possession of ball for most of the time. Tunisia got 6 yellow cards whereas Spain got 2. It was fantastic to see Spain making ball enter to Tunisia’s goal post for 3 times in last 20 minutes. Torres was just amazing.

In morning, I didnt find anyone to compete with in order to get ready. There was no one. I was already indipendent but now I am alone…lonely…solitary – The Single, truly single. I was feeling blank and doing like nothing.
Roomies, I am missing you :(. Are you listening?

Come back soon.

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