Picasa web Albums – The Review

I had registered for Picasa Web Albums 2 days ago and got instant invitation to join. And in these 2 days, I have transferred about 700 MB of data in uploading/deleting/organizing the albums and finally, the link of Photo Gallery is up on my website. So here are few things that I will like to share about this service –

Right now, you are provided with 250 MB of storage space on registration. You can opt to go for 6 GB of space by paying $25 per year and also there is no bandwidth limit.

Initially, you needed to have Picasa software installed on your PC in order to upload albums but now, you can create albums online and upload 5 photos at a time thru’ web interface. When you try to upload photos using Picasa, you are presented with option to

  • upload photos in existing album
  • create new album

with Upload setting of

  • Optimized: Large size, fast upload (default) – 1600 pixels
  • Medium size, fastest upload – 1024 pixels
  • Slowest upload, largest size

and Visibility options

  • Public
  • Unlisted/Private

The albums are automatically arranged according to Album Date (very much like fotki.com – another photo service) but you can also sort them using Upload Date in your admin section. After you share your albums with public, albums are displayed, sorted according to Album Date – so you better modify the properties of your albums in order to display them in right order.

After you have uploaded your photos and opened the album, you are presented with options to Slideshow, Organize (where you can Copy to Album, Move to Album & Delete the photos), Rearrange (change the order of display of photos). There are album options to Upload Photos, Choose Album Cover, Edit Album Properties, Delete Album and Download Album too (but using Picasa software only). There is a help section, if you get struck somewhere.

There is also RSS feed created for your albums.

The interface is pretty nice and the only thing that I found missing was ability to delete multiple albums.

Now, something about user interface for Public.

It is made very simple and that is what expected by every visitor of your Gallery.

On the Front Page, all the albums are listed sored by the Album Date. Visitor can select any album for viewing (so here the name of album and the cover photo matters a lot). After opening an album, he gets option to view –

  • Slideshow (there is button at top left in album area)
  • Each photo separately (click on the photo)

The default background color is Black during Slideshow which I liked. Any dark blue or dark pink shade had also been nice.
You are also given the option to view the thumbnails in different sizes.

During slide show, if you want to navigate yourself, move your mouse and you get menu having options – Previous/Next/Play/Pause/Exit at bottom-center.

So overall, it is very nice interface for a novice user.

I liked the Picasa Albums for its clean, nice build, simple interface with very easy to navigate functionality.

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