Anti-reservation protest goes online

I came to know about ProjectCoffee through Amandeep. About this project –

We are a group of self-motivated, not financed individuals who take out time from work and studies to tackle issues plaguing the country. Disillusioned with the Indian political climate and regressive moves like increased reservations, we thirst for National betterment. But our active minds and willing spirits are distributed all over. Hence the need of the hour is to get organized and evolve common objectives and action plans on a shared platform. We are working steadily to create that platform and attract participation of the educated Indians. This is going to be a long fight and we must enable ourselves with co-operation, networking and information. At the same time we are committed to support ground protests and campaign online for them voluntarily.

So the Anti-reservation protest has come into its online form and you can visit this website for more information –
A blog is also maintained for this project at –

Aman is actively participating in this project and also briefed me about the project, initially. There have been multiple identities created on net for this project like Mega-Blog, Groups, website, forums, wiki, newsletters etc. Anyone concerned about this issue can join them and ponder his idea into their think tank. They are maintaining a yahoo group at –

You can find their media-center at –

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