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Microsoft Unveiled it Pay-Per-Use PC Plan few weeks ago

It is all about the time spend by a user on PC and this time will be billed – sounds crazy at first take but when one comes to know the complete concept, it seems to be very bright idea. Microsoft has set its sights on bringing computer access to the far corners of the globe with the launch of a pay-per-use program that includes an innovative method of metering time spent on a PC.

Customers in the developing world who use the new FlexGo system will be able to get a custom-designed, low-cost Windows PC that will enable them to use prepaid cards or sign up for monthly subscription plans to pay for the machine with installments.

Those using the PCs will be informed of the time they have used, and will be able to add more hours by typing in a number from a prepaid card. If time is not added, the PC moves into a “reserve tank” — or limited-access state — until customers purchase more time either online or through local vendors.

221 Million Broadband Users

Telegeography has estimated that there were 221 mn broadband lines worldwide at the end of 2005, and this no. will reach 286 mn by end of 2006, and 448 mn by 2010. (Of course, this doesn’t include those who will be using 3G and other wireless technologies to access the Net at high speeds.)

Asia-Pacific � � � � � � 89,573,436
Europe � � � � � � � � � � � 63,455,527
U.S. & Canada � � 53,270,000
Global total � � � � � 221,818,261

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