The Da Vinci Code


I went to watch this movie on last Friday – Day 1 of its release. Was there at DT PVR for 2200 – 0100 show with Kanav, Anish, Varun and Rajat. Pankaj didnt come as he didnt seem to be much interested in watching this english movie. I was very excited to watch this movie as I had heard a lot about the novel written by Dan Brown on which this movie is based. Although I was the only other after Rajat who hadnt read the novel but I knew that it was advantageous for me to watch movie with these guys who had knowledge of story and can guide me, wherever I got struck.

Movie starts with murder of a guy and 3 others are killed in same way. So it seemed like a murder mystry but as story moves forward, it starts revealing many hidden secrets – and they arent any fiction but secrects related to christianity and Jesus. And they are very much believable as are supported by very strong facts. Story taks lot of turns and for a guy like me, who dont know anything about story, it becomes impossible to understand most of the things, unless you are sitting in centre of two guys knowing the story :-P! At many places, a complete chapter of novel is covered in few dialogues or short scenes and one gets completely confused at those places.

Overall, this movie contains so many things that I was just stunned when I came out of hall. I was still trying to unjumble the facts. There are terms like cryptography, cipher text, puzzles, secrets which attracted attention of everyone of us.

There is no specific end to this movie but you will come across so many things, that you will not be interested in the ending at all.

I liked this movie very much and wud definitely recommend to watch this movie – very well directed and pictured.

Points – 4.5/5

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