Rallies against reservation

It seems that Indians have decided to fight for their rights and to make right out of wrong decisions of present govt.

I am talking about the new reservation ammendment to the Indian constitution by present bunch of ministers. Lot of mails are poundering into my mailbox since morning about rallies being organized against it.
There have been organization created against this amendment. Although the decision is take but still ppl seems to be determined to make govt go against this decision. On this weekend, rallies are being organized at different locations – all over in India.

Looks like Indian junta has decided not to bear this govt anymore, the head (PM) of which never speaks at all for his ppl, whose head doesnt care about his children who are sitting on hunger strikes and dying (yes one student died in AIIMS but matter was not disclosed saying that he died bcoz of other reasons). The main party having max share in this govt – Congrss, has lost its goodwill, reputation and faith of Indian ppl which it had urged from the efforts of its great leaders. Although its previous leaders always remained against reservation but it is for first time, that Congress has supported the reservation cause.

Here are the statements of previous leaders of congress –

“Help should be given on economic considerations and not caste”

– Jawaharlal Nehru, 1961

“Na jaat par na paat par mohar lagegi haath par”

–Indira Gandhi, 1980

“Our goal today must be a casteless society. Let us be very clear about that”

–Rajiv Gandhi, 1990

Today Arjun Singh, member of the same government goes against their own ideology. I wud like to ask congress partymen, weather their previous leaders were wrong or these new leaders like AS* are?

But why AS* did it?

💡 One of my friends said, perhaps, bcoz he didnt get chance to become PM and Manmohan Singh was preferred over him. So now he is taking his revenge – sonded very strong point 😯

Here are the rally details –


As one of the last ditch effort, the YFE(Youth For Equality, http://www.youth4equality.org) has decided to organize a ‘Maha Rally’ (at the ‘Ramlila Maidan’) on Saturday (May 27, 2006, 4:30 p.m.). They have appealed for our support (PUKAR – The Corporate group, and the Engineers – Students and corporate citizens alike). They expect around 10 lacs Indians to gather there. [Yes, we can meet this up. Last rally was aimed at getting around 5K+ together, but we ended up with a staggering 10K Indians!]

Date: 27th May 2006 (Saturday)

Time: 4:30 pm

Venue: Ram Leela Ground, New Delhi


Maha Rally on 28th May (sunday)
Time: 9:30 AM
Venue: starts at Chiklalbagh (near Majestic), concludes at Banappa Park

All the best guys!

Now this is what I call – a generation awakens.

Rasta banta hai apne jor-e-bajuon se, Warna kaun deta hai kisi ko rasta yahaan

Yesterday, I got call from my ju nior at UCOE – Amandeep Singh who is preparing paper on this OBC reservation and wanted me to suggest some ideas. I just stated him that nobody like to go against reservation, provided, it is for genuine cause and there are enuf reasons behind it. The HRD minister who doesnt even know that OBC % in Indian population hasnt any right to play with us and our future. And where will it take our country to? Not only general cast but the reserved categories wont get helped out from this reservation policy. All will remain under-skilled. Think about its effect on our GDP and economy. Reservation is like a disease in our country and instead of curing it, our leaders are spreadling it more and more.

Lets talk about other political parties. Although Navjot Singh Siddhu of BJP has come against it openly, the rest of BJP is still silent and their leaders are protesting against Fanaa in Gujrat – now that seems to be more important issue for them.

Today, hundreds of medicos of Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH), Bihar ploughed a field in the college campus to protest the Centre’s decision to reserve seats for OBC in higher educational institutions.

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