In memory of Bata Shoes

And we found out that we never wore Bata Shoes after school. Pankaj, Dhami and me, we found this fact when I was going with Dhami for buying him new pair of shoes. He needed something specific and though Bata was proposed as a consideration in that category but was voted out by all of us – absolutely.


As they say –


Excess of everything is bad


It turns out that when we were children, we had no choice to wear shoes other than Bata as it was one trusted brad from generation of our parents and also, we weren’t aware of any specific good shoe brands in childhood. So that time, we never realized that not to live by choice might make us dislike Bata so much that we might never like to wear it again. It is only at this stage of our youth in which we are realizing that


Prolonged exposure to the things without choice


may result into unnoticed hatred


BTW, I knew where to take Dhami and he liked my opinion. What can make this vendor more profit than 100% when Dhami picked two pairs instead of one. Yes I am a wonderful friend – thank you Dhami for saying that again πŸ™‚ !!

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