Next Big Thing

Perhaps few of you might be wondering about that next big thing mentioned on my last post while closing it down with comments for unavailability of website for next couple of days.


The news is that I have moved my stuff to other better, rather one of the best hosting service providers where I am getting unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and lot of goodies. One reason for shift is the dip in response time from the servers of previous hosting service provider and other reason is that this is the ideal platform to take off my next best big thing in Internet history.


Perhaps it will be too early to give rise to the hopes for my venture as the biggest successes turn up from humble beginnings and that’s what I believe personally. So probably I wouldn’t be disclosing the details for now and will prefer to keep my venture as mystery to be found out by few lucky among you or likely by my friends. Would like then to use it for some time, let me get the feedback and then, possibly, I will find the right time to show up what has been going on behind the curtains.


Good luck to me!

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