Preezo and initial problem

I was excited about the launch of next big spreadsheet application which lets you share your presentations with others in real time. It is completely built in AJAX as it says –

Preezo is an Ajax web application that gives you the power to create and share professional quality presentations over the web without software or plugins. Goodbye, PowerPoint. Hello, Preezo!




This application is from Adaptix Technologies which is a one-man start up from Jason Roberts acting as CEO & President.  Preezo is launched in beta from today and I got the invitation to be its beta-tester. The first impression of this website is quite pleasant when you launch over a neat interface of this website. After completing the sign up process, when you start creating a presentation, you find that it is not accepting few keys on your Num-Pad like 0 and (.). Then you find that if you are in Firefox browser, you are not able to access Firefox menu bar using alt key which means you become handicapped and Preezo isn’t cross-browser compliant.


That’s it for now…haven’t been able to test this service much but of course, there is big room for improvements!

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