My blog is running latest WordPress version

Duh…finally my blog is up and running the latest WordPress release – WordPress 2.1 and it took me almost a day to compile all the things. After all, this is one thing which I would always like to remain updated with. Still I am not sure if there are some leaks anywhere as there are lot of db changes and at the same time, lot of variables and functions are deprecated (all deprecated functions are put into deprecated.php file). One of such functions is wp_list_cats which is used to display categories and therefore, is very important function. It is now replaced with completely new function – wp_list_categories. So, will I have to ask the theme creator to change the theme for this single function or will he do it himself? :roll:. And then I had to change the plugins for deprecated variables which I am still doing. specially when all the variables starting with $table ($table*) have been deprecated. For more changes which have been made in latest release, you may like to visit here.


It is pretty tidy task, WordPress Development team!

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