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(dead link – Photoblog  is a photo-sharing service – but a bit different from other photo-sharing websites.


Photoblog helps you preserve your memories and share your life through photographs. Best of all, it’s completely free and unlimited,


In brief, it is a combination of photo-sharing and blogging, as appears from its name.


(dead link –


This service was started way back in April 2006. As the description goes on (dead link – About page of Photoblog,

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, instead of blogging a thousand words, why not post a picture instead?


It is a free service supported by relevant advertising. It is developed in Web 2.0 way as it is user-centric which provides web as a platform to the users and at the same time, it meets the cost-effective scalability while harnessing the collective intelligence of users. It also supports the social-networking. you can add other users as your friends.


To start with, you will need to create an account by registering with this service. Once registered, you can create a new photoblog entry by clicking on New Entry link. I created a nostalgic entry about my experience on metro with 4 photos. You are provided with a limit of uploading 20 photos with a post with no size limit. It is really a great feature. But you can’t upload photos from any URL. You will need to upload it from your local disc. All the common blogging features are provided instead of emoticons for creating a new entry. Once the entry is created and saved, you can view the entry by clicking on View this entry link. My entry is viewable @ (dead link – My experience with Metro after 2 years.



You can cerate new categories by going to Categories section and categorize your posts accordingly. You can add friends by visiting the profiles of other users and clicking on Befriend link there. Once added, you can see your friends in the Friends List section. There is a Messages section on your home page which stores the sent to you by your friends.


Users are given the personal link to share as their homepage/dashboard. You can share your blog by sharing this link given to you. For me, it is –


User account can be managed by going to Account section on your homepage. You can change your display picture, Profile, Contact Info, Password and Timezone as well. You can also set email notifications on getting New comments and Friend requests.


The best thing about this platform is that the interface is very simple and flexible. You never feel confused or bored by going through different complexities. I liked this website very much in usability aspect. You can’t export your blog to any other platform or your local disc as there is no export feature provided in this service. It will definitely a very useful feature, if incorporated.

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