AJAX based ad-less file storing service

DropBoks is Web 2.0ish.



AJAX involved.


No Advertisements at all. That doesn’t matter when it is about sharing BUT it matters when it is about storing files. I am loving this private secure file service specially when I am getting 1GB of free space mmmmm. Will definitely consider donating when I decided to start earning from my online contributions…now that sounds fare.


DropBoks is a little website that allows you to securely upload and download your files as you please. No bells, no whistles, just an easy and quick way to store your files online.

Each account has 1 GB of storage space available. You can upload and download files (any format) as large as 50 MB.

How are we able to keep DropBoks free? We believe that if you offer a valuable service that is extremely simple to use, folks are happy to donate $1 for it.


The interface of website is very sleek and soothing to eyes. I like dynamic functionality, specially when it is involved at user level. And 1 GB is not a small limit.

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