P&G’s take on Sunsilk’s Gang of Girls

Who says that beauties don’t have brains…they do sometimes and prove it. Perhaps this is what made P&G to go for creating other space for girls, after big success of HLL’s Sunsilk Gang of Girls (which has flash all over the landing page :roll:) – a networking initiative for girls in India which went international recently, Proctor & Gamble has launched desi version of their Being Girl portal (no flash at all on home page), primarily targeted towards promoting their hygiene brand for women. Although Being Girl appeared to me weaker than GoG in terms of features list and the options available.



Being Girl includes article section, fun quizzes, polls but then forums and communities offered by GoG are missing. So one can’t call it a complete networking website. Then blogging is a very important feature. I didn’t go for VIP section by registering…after all it is for girls ;). I don’t know what P&G is trying to do when already a successful and more much matured networking website is already there to lead but then P&G has experience of its other 27 BeingGirl spaces.

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