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I got remembered of Firefox plugins for posting any selected text to your blog like Deepest Sender and BlogThis but then after going through this website, I found there is more about it.

BlogMailr (it isn’t BlogMailer although they also own the domain name ) is a website which provides you ability to post to your blog without any hassles. It is FREE for personal use. As is stated on the website –

Publishing to your blog is more difficult than it needs to be. Most blogs either have really confusing publishing tools with too many options or you are forced to download and install software on your computer.


I would like to add –

Even if you are given a publishing platform, the editors which are provided aren’t that sophisticated that you can easily post any stuff in the formatting you like.

In such condition, those who love to blog, want to use their favourite editor to write their posts and then just put it in their blog. Well, BlogMailr has that feature. You just write your posts and just email it to BlogMailr.


Blogmailr makes publishing a very easy task which doesn’t offer any download. You can do everything online with just few clicks. It supports almost every popular blogging platform including wordpress, blogger, etc.


The way it works is pretty much easy. You just need to create an account, provide your blog’s address, its login id and password. You are given a unique email address for posting stuff to your blog. You just email your content to that email Id and it will be posted to your blog. What about spam? Well, it will accept content from your email Id only that you provide with your account. So unless you decide to spam or your account gets hacked, there is no possibility that your blog will be spammed. And how would you know if email is published or not? You don’t need to go to your blog and reload it. Rather you will be receiving a mail informing you about status of publishing of report – weather it was successful or not…that really sounds something cool 🙄 if you give it a thought – How will it be knowing if post is published or not. After all our blogging platform isn’t sending any email to it :). It also accepts images as attachments (only images –after all it is beta version right now) and if the blog supports (stated on the FAQ), the inline images will be published to blog. Here is an outline of process claimed by BlogMailr –


When you send an email to we first check to ensure that you are on our approved list of senders for the address you are emailing – yes we know the from address can be spoofed, but it’s step 1. Next, we attempt to take your email subject and body and make sure it’s all valid. Once we validate the email we decrypt your settings with a unique per-user encryption key and attempt to post your content to your blog. If we are able to post it we send you a reply that it was posted, if not we try a couple more times and then send you a reply letting you know what happened.


Additional feature includes tags which you can specify with your post…well then you will be missing your dear categories which you always wanted to categorize your posts. They are still thinking about using the tags in productive way – my take is better to link them with technorati.

Like every blogger, you might be concerned about handling your information to a third party and what about backup? Regarding security, this website is supported by Telligent – a well reputed software and solution provider which recently served as platform for Microsoft to help re-launch the new Windows Vista Blog. Moreover they don’t store your emails but keep count of emails sent to publish the posts.

Ok lot of praise and here is one downside – the add unwanted content to your post and that isn’t a good thing. They call it a perk for themselves to get noticed by Google and other search engines and states that the right to add more link text is still reserved by them. You will need to purchase commercial license in order to get rid of unwanted text. Now that is really bad. I criticize the way they are are using to populate them by adding the things bloggers don’t want to see. Perhaps this can be one reason for bloggers not to got the BlogMailr way.




My Experience:


I decided to test this service and therefore after creating the account, I was given a unique emailId to post my whatsis. There is no +05:30 timezone in Timezone settings. My blog couldn’t be detected because of additional security settings for xmlr**.xml file and I wasn’t asked for alternate rpc file – one drawback. So I used my older blog – I formatted text using email editor and then sent the email to my blog email address assigned by BlogMailr. Within a minute, I got confirmation for publishing of content as well as it appeared on the blog but there was no information about post link in email although the didn’t forget to send links to them. Link to post is Now what about editing the posted stuff??? OMG, I will have to go back to same blog editor. Well, this is all about first time – the crush way. And the link to BlogMailr with text – Published with BlogMailr was there at bottom.

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