Microsoft office 2007 will be available for download next month

As told my Microsoft that the Office 2007 will be available by first December. Microsoft confirmed on Monday that it has completed work on Office 2007’s system code and released it to manufacturing. Customers in Canada and US can start downloading it on that date. Users in an additional 13 countries will be able to download the free 60-day trial versions “soon” after the beginning of December.


There will be eight different Office 2007 suites (and you thought that only Vista has flavors more than previous windows versions :roll:). The ones aimed at consumers and small business owners range from a Standard version that costs $239 for an upgrade and $399 for a full retail version, to an Ultimate version that retails for $679 and costs $539 for an upgrade from any Microsoft Works or Office suite going back to 2000. Ultimate version will be loaded with lot of extra features.


For corporate volume licensing customers, there are Professional Plus and Enterprise versions that include specialized collaboration and management tools of interest to big company users.

Some interesting stats about the new Office 2007 version: it will feature 50,000 new help articles, 35 new demos, 24 online training courses, and 400 templates.

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