C programming days

Those were the days when we used to program in C and it has become history for me.


I got remembered of those days bcoz I got to install the pure C compiler on my cousin’s lapi who has just started his engg. Luckily I found the CD from the archive and while installing the compiler, lot of thoughts were haunting me…


The first ever time when I had pressed a key of PC keyboard in school – I used to play with paint for most of the time in school and created some good greeting cards :). Also we used to enter without shoes in the computer room. It was the time of 5.25” floppies.


Then the first time, I got feel of compu in Univ…I still remember that Rajan Gupta was siting besides me and he directed me, how to log in to my account. Later this guy had left the univ along with his room-mate Vikas Birla. I met Rajan Gupta again in 2004 @ Infy when he met me all of sudden but as always, he was frustrated and looking for something which was not around him – he always wanted things not around him and thats why he never enjoyed anything, as far as I can remember. For those things, he kept jumping from one place to other…I donno if he got thru GMAT and was able to leave Infy and if still he is looking for something else and not enjoying his prestigious insti! Anyway, for the first time, I had seen blue C compiler screen with his help.


Then I got into programming with another nice mate – Kirandeep Singh Khokhar (Khokhar). He had programming background from school and I can still recall that I had learnt typical matrix program from him in very first sem…in very first days. I loved matrices so much that I had tested so many combos of that program in rest of sem.


Alas! those were the days of C.


After first sem, C was never like before. It was just another language for me along-with HTML, C++ and Java and the list continued after that.

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