My Camera

I got my first camera. It is Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 Black.


To name few key features – High power Carl Zeiss 15x optical zoom lens, 8.1 MP, 3.0 inch tilt-up screen, 9-point auto focus, NightShot infrared system, 76x smart zoom, Remote control functions, optical image stabilization and Advanced sports mode.




It isn’t DSLR but very close to the features of a DSLR and hence mistaken for. It is the top one in High Zoom cameras of Sony Cybershot series. After spending lot of time looking out for suitable camera, I would call it best purchase, a person like me can expect while going for a digital camera for first time. You can read its review over CNET explaining how it overpowers all other cameras lying in its group. At one point I was thinking of going for DSC-H7 but unique NightMode feature of H9 made it weigh more than any other in the range. Everything about it is just wonderful.


DSC H9 3


I am loving it. Also purchased Sony 4 GB Memory Stick DUO with adaptor as there is only 31MB internal memory.


PS: For now, going through few starting hiccups as Vista isn’t able to recognize the USB 2.0 interface of H9 and hence can’t transfer photos directly.


DSC H9 2

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  1. Sony does have good cameras, h9 being one of their top ones. I too always fall for the optical zoom (bought an Canon S1 with 10x sm 3 yrs ago, but now got a free S5 as replacement , long story;) ) but the other smart zooms or whatever shouldn’t be smthing to care for. My only grudge with sony btw is the lcd, why can’t they have a full flip out and twist LCD like the canon S series. It is so liberating in clicking around…
    (BTW, you got a problem with the tabbing order in the comment form, it doesnt stop at the captcha)

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