Russian ATMs loaded with Pirated Windows

In Russia, even the ATMs run non-activated copies of Windows and sometimes people trust banks more than anything else :).




Here are the photos of an ATM machine published over English Russia blog which show the warning message being displayed saying –


Your Windows product must be activated in 7 days.

Do you want to activate Windows now?




And in the comments, the shown bank is said to be the second largest bank in Russia.


Except this, there hasn’t been much major happening in IT these days except NY Times writing about same old doubted subject area for job – Blogging. NewYork Times is also pointing towards feasibility of this option giving examples of leading bloggers (still my name is missing out there). Here is an excerpt which I think, can give overview of whole article –


Can Blogs Become a Big Source of Jobs?


Blogs, short for Web logs, tend to be informal journals that track a subject on a regular basis. The topics are varied, and personal observations are often included. But as blogs have matured, they have also become a communications tool within companies, from the C.E.O. on down.


As blogs gain in popularity, demand is growing for employees who can write them or have the technical expertise to support them. A few Web sites, including ProBlogger and Performancing, cater to bloggers and include job opportunities.


For example, a posting by the search firm S4 Partners in the San Francisco Bay Area recently sought someone with an understanding of the world of blogs and the software used to support them. The goal of the company was to find a blog administrator, to establish the blog and to run it.


The person they ultimately found was Bill Lazar, a blogger and former programmer. ?This would be my first full-time job focusing on supporting the content of another blogger,? said Mr. Lazar, noting that the job was still in negotiations. ?To get paid to work on blogs and the related technology would be great.? He declined to discuss what the job would pay.


According to information provided by Indeed, the average salary for jobs with some version of ?blog? in the job title averages $53,000. But for writers trying to eke out an existence as a blogger for a business, pay is typically much more modest.


And btw, if you haven’t heard, iPhone is not gonna support Flash.

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