CE Cap and some weekend musings

The CashEdge cap. It is specifically released for the CashEdge Cricket team members.



Proud to be a CashEdge Cricket Team player. We won the first match while wearing this cap against Simcom.


And on the other side, Prabh/Prabhjot Singh (our dear Sardar ji) has started a poll for the best sport-person of our batch – the batch of B.Tech. 2004, DCSE, Punjabi University (or Punjabi Junibrashty as Pankaj Dev spells it :)!)


I watched Matrix one more time on this weekend. If not hundreds of times, I have watched this sequel (The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions) for at-least tens of times. If you love technology, action, thrill, romance and what not, you believe that Artificial Intelligence can do wonders, this is the The Sequel to watch out. First time, I had watched The Matrix during graduation when in next semester, we were going to learn AI. After that, it became my favorite movie specially when the fiction seems quite possible and realistic to you. If you get bored of watching your favorite movie again and again, watch it in other language you know and you will know many new things especially when it is quite complex movie. This time I watched it in Hindi – all three parts (thanks to bro. Yes I was at my hometown on this weekend) and I discovered lot of new things which I didn’t know before. I would like to watch this movie in all the 4 languages that I know. Every time, I watch this movie, I find few more interesting facts which I couldn’t understand previously, somethings which I never knew before, just like I discover new meanings when I re-read some old issue of Digit (:)) or Gita, Koran or Bible (well that doesn’t mean at all that I am quite religious specially when I don’t go to any religious place. I read these scriptures for self-improvement.) I always wished such movie to be created in Bollywood than just copying it.


Free your mind


Here is a transition that I went through few weeks ago and I swear, it was too difficult to have this experience!



And if you still have some time that you can spend on reading similar interesting stuff, Mandar has made a quite “interesting post” (The Love Shtory) for first time in ages over his blog :D.

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