Krish Srikkanth promoting Google in India

He started blogging over Blogger and then also owing a profile over orkut. Not to mention, his profile is given “Orkut Star of Authenticity”. And he is moderating a community over orkut too with special sub-domain given to him by Orkut. Therefore while writing about him over other post, I just though if he has become ambassadors of Google?

He speaks lot of good things about cricket over all the places. I like this veteran cricketer although I never liked his play much…perhaps because he shown most of the times in those matches watched by me which India lost.

Just copying and pasting stuff here from an update over other post

And all those other die-hard orkut users and cricket fans, do you know that Krish Srikkanth has become almost Google brand ambassador in India after starting a blog over blogger and creating a rather interesting profile over orkut? You can network with him by visiting his profile and other details provided by him over there. No I haven’t added him as my friend because I don’t accept anyone as friend until I don’t know that one well enough. I like him speaking about and promoting cricket but one thing that I dislike about him is that he talks about his 1983 triumph more than anything else :roll:. I am happy that veteran celebrities have started appearing online, although slowly :|.