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MillionDollarAvatar(MDA) is another website profiling bloggers which seems to be very much like 2000 Bloggers project to me but it is somewhat different than that. It is a place for showcasing the bloggers (and I am lucky enough to be among first 50) and then providing interesting outputs from that collection (that’s where it is different from other showcasing websites). The Concept behind it is defined as –

Provide website owners a new platform to promote their site and give web users a new way find blogs, companies, and sites that may be of interest. Give members a community to message one another, create relationships, and tools to analyze usage statistics. Make it fun and original.



There are very big plans behind the idea that millions of website owners will be putting in their details over there and out of that list, 100 random avtars will be displayed on homepage, every 5 minutes, 100 random avtars will be displayed on backpage and everyday The Daily 20 – a random selection of member sites can be generated and subscribed to. Really big plans for a startup and that’s where it is different. I think it is going to rise, especially after it is listed over mashable.


There are 2 types of membership plans – free and premium. Presently only basic plan is in action which contains premium features. So once premium membership feature is rolled out, few features will be missing from basic plan – the catch!


This website is work of single person with name Kevin in 3.5 weeks over night and early morning and weekends as mentioned on About page


MDA is a web solution, built on AvatarConnect – an avatar based social networking platform I developed during those 3.5 weeks I previously mentioned. At it’s core MDA is an advertising service, but I added a few twists to provide users and members a more enjoyable experience. MDA was created to become a tool for users to advertise their own site(s) and find new sites (companies, blogs, MySpace band pages, etc). The “fun” aspect of MDA is the “random” features. The goal for members is obviously getting noticed. The easiest ways to get noticed on MDA is by getting your avatar onto the homepage or backpage and into The Daily 20. Those locations offer the greatest amount of user traffic and work best in driving users back to your site. That’s the core of MDA – getting your site traffic. Hence the tagline – get hits or die tryin’.

One thought on “Million Dollar Avatar”

  1. Nitesh, thanks so much for the great write up 🙂

    I’m all ears for any suggestions you have for the site. Keep an eye
    out because I have some plans various contests for members, etc. I
    really want to make it fun for the members and a great place for
    people to promote their site and find new ones.

    I’ve received some great feedback and look forward to catching up with
    members and adding new features for those who request them.

    Thanks again!

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