Love letter of a Software Engineer

I found this original love letter very interesting, written by a typical software engineer. Worth reading…



Love of a Software Engineer

By J.Lo

February 14, 2005



Dear Panel,
Though the letter may not be good, so much work has gone into making it. This is a partly romantic and partly technical letter. The technical content in the letter is true to the best of my knowledge. The letter follows in the next page but because of lack of time, I am not writing documentation. The letter is 100% original.




Content-type: text/LaTeX 🙂



Dearest $love,
I woke up in the morning to find every bit in my body waiting to be with you. It has been a very long wait for today. Although my heart has only your image, my brain has split itself into many threads each executing only your command.


I remember the first day we met. Our hearts reached consensus without any external memory. I was a dangling pointer containing your address but no ownership over you. As I tried to deference the location, I crashed. There were not one but many clients trying to connect to you. But this did not deter me. I relentlessly tried to reach you. My messages to you were sent through different routers but they were all prevented from reaching you. All my SYN packets were dropped. When finally I decided to close my connection, I received your ACK. The very thought of being preempted made my heart bloom like the heat generated by a million processors all in busy-wait. When you saw me you realized that I was not a spurious host. I was a trusted source as I was linearly separable from the rest.


But when our class separation decreased I saw more distinct features. However, I could neither decode your enciphered smile nor track your mosaiced lips. Your gaze brought me to your frontal view nullifying my external parameters. I stared at you as thousands of thoughts enqueued in my memory waiting to be dequeued. No amount of data mining could have extracted the three simple words that you said to me then. Within no time, all my thoughts automatically dequeued. Those evergreen images registered in my mind instantly even though infinite amount of images would have been impossible to reconstruct the scene. It is on this day last year that we first met. My memory of the day has never got corrupted and when I think about you I also think about the first time that I met you. Compile me into you and I promise to link with you. I will load both your sorrows and happiness equally all my life.


Always yours,



Figure 1:


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