Proof of sins just committed

The cricket match in rain at 1500…we are players!

We 6 – I myself, Raji, Saurav, Ramraj, Himanshu and Sumit, were there on this ground in this seducing weather when it was drizzling while cold air was flowing in vicinity…sounding poetic 🙂

It was unofficial bunk get-together out from everyday’s work at office…not informed the mentors 😀 (keep it secret)…I think that none of my colleagues read my useless blog. It was a call from Raji and we – the old punter group, was there together ready to have some play and fun…or sud I say phunn. Got cricket bat from Manas’s home as he was a bit over-occupied with work at office. Purchased a good quality tennis ball and match was on a quality ground with quality wickets and players :P. Ramu is really a fantastic bowler, you stand in his single over and you are a star. Sumit is the most lethargic fielder. Raji’s designer bowling was attraction. After looking at his star service in TT, I had never thought that I will see another similar example from him. Then Mr. Himanshu Vashishth, who first refrained from bowling but after having a look at pathetic bowling of Raji and Sumit, he decided to bowl and at least, his bowling was much better than these two…Himanshu – consider it a compliment from my side :Pmrgreen:. I also bowled well – took few wickets too ;M)

Our own Saurabh is also a good all-rounder. He made 15 runs in an over – I wud abstain from naming the bowler. Raji also bats good. And what about my batting? Well, I was bold in all the matches either on 1st or 2nd ball bcoz evtime, it was Ramu in front of me 🙁 I enjoyed bowling and fielding. And as all of us luv having fun, so there was no count of one-liners being thrown over each other.

And by 1730, we were back in office, badly tired but it seemed that no body was looking for us. Evone took sigh of relief and silently reached to respective cubicles.

Yoman, it was BIG enjoyment time. I was greatly gratified. Thank you, mates.

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