My Protopage

I came across this kool place – Protopage where you can create your own page using different widgets web page/photo/email/weather/bookmarks etc. For those who want to have a presence over web.

Very simple interface is presented to the user. And yes, you can also upload your photograph for display. One can subscribe to news feeds, manage bookmarks, manage sticky notes, manage to do lists, upload photos, display weather, add map of place, name the page & share space or can keep it private!
Here I created one for me at

You can create as many pages as you want. I tried creating 50 pages. But right now, there is no functionality to switch between 1st and 50th page 🙂 So if you get struck, refresh the page as I did ;).
Protopage is based in London, England. And they recommend that –

If you are using a PC, we recommend you use Firefox, which is up to 4X faster when you have lots of panels on your page.

Lot of enhancements are awaited.

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