c:\secure32.html spyware

My PC got infected with this spyware and default page of my IE was changed to this page. I deleted this file many times but whenever I deleted it, it again got created. Even setting default page of IE to about:blank was not solving this problem, as whenever I opened it again, it used to change default page to that secre.html with dirty blue bg. Then I had to search for removal tool over net and after some struggle, I got the instructions. It was this service that was running in background and was not letting anything happen.

Here are the instructions to remove this spyware –

1. Bring up your taskmanager by pressing Control + Alt + Delete, in some Windows versions select the ‘Processes’ tab. Then click on ‘Paytime.exe’ and end the task.
2. Delete paytime.exe, which you should find under c:WindowsSystem32
3. Delete c:secure32.html
4. Run Explorer. It will tell you that it cannot find the path for secure32.html. Use the default configuration of Explorer and everything will be OK.