Nitesh Gupta

One penguin asks other penguin to apply soap on his back.


In reply, second penguin says – "Am I a typewriter"?


– the latest PJ (poor joke) from Nits (Nitesh Gupta). Of course it didn’t make any sense at all but we laughed well!


He cracks unimaginable PJs and when you realize the NoLogic behind them, you find yourself unable to control your laugh. Also he is quite a media lover like me. We match in lot of subject areas but not the present one :P.


Nitesh Gupta


Sometimes I love him for this too as he said on other time –


The day when Tech Savvy (as I am called here) lifts his laptop, he doesn’t lift his hand on anyone :)!!


Also he is a good critic especially when it comes to Cricket. I still remember how he washed Australian team and the Umpires just in his comments after India lost the test.


About being tech savvy, hmm, save 2-3 critical situations like when you are going to loose all your photograph of trip which have been deleted accidentally (and they can be brought back from nowhere), you know you will be recognized quite well ;M)


Unfortunately, Nits is leaving back for India on next weekend :M(. We will be missing you buddy. Cannot forget how well you organized and executed the LA trip. It has been wonderful time with you Boy going to become a Man in few days ;M)