Google rolls out Add a Tab feature for personalized home

This time, Google is the last.

After Netvibes, Pageflakes, Protopage and Webwag ,finally when I had left hope of seeing this feature on Google personalized home :M( :ban:, it appeared all of sudden :M?

I have about 25 feeds on my Google personalized home and I was feeling like stopping there as it had cluttered as much as one could imagine. And to my rescue, it appeared today on So now you can add the your favorite feeds on different pages symbolizing different categories!!! It is kool but still the battle for better personalized homes isn’t over as one can’t find a better place than Netvibes to organize the feeds as there is so much flexibility over there…e.g. you are provided with the feature to assign different icons to every different page – to recognize the category! And the font size is just sufficient to manage couple of feeds on same page. But the database isn’t reliable (I have suffered loss of all feeds on Netvibes for once!!!)…definitely Google is the one to look forward in terms of reliability 🙄 But there are the features which make others stand apart from Google and perhaps, some addicts like me, will be waiting to see such features on Google Personalized home page.

But of course, I would prefer Bloglines to manage my hundreds of feeds for now :shake: while keeping close eye at the war :oogle:!
I hadn’t updated my number for while on my website…now it is updated 😀

Today, I met with my school mate whom I met after 10 years – thanks to Orkut and the best thing is that we both remembered each other. Thank you, Pranav for sending that request. It was so good to see him over orkut. Now I know, how does it feel when you meet a buddy after decades. He was one of the liveliest guys in our class…not to mention along-with me ;M) We used to play so many pranks… both had good time in school for 2-3 years when he finally left for other school…I don’t remember the reason but I can never forget his smiling face. He has one elder brother Aditya Parasher and he was my house lead. He is a very co-operative guy. He was the one who taught me, how to confidently handle the responsibilities assigned to you…which later lead me to become house lead! Pranav is obviously almost opposite of his bro but still he finds his bro – the ideal match for himself. His teeth were a bit out of mouth and our science teacher, Mr. Mishra, used to think that he keeps smiling after looking at him and sometimes, he became victim of that impression. I don’t know if I told him ever but I & Vivek came to know about it when we were accompanying Mishra sir in a science fair and there is disclosed this fact. Or perhaps by that time, Pranav had left school. He was really a big prankster…don’t know if still he is!!
And better was to know that he is also in Software. So I have an old buddy joining me. Its party time ;M) I can easily count on fingers that how many times, I have posted stuff under Mates -> School category.

Update: On Google Personalized home, one can add up to 6 tabs…that’s it…no more and it is available only for and not on…funny huh. And one can’t move tabs around to manage them, once they are named…only name of tab can be changed or it can be closed – that’s all on the name of management of tabs!
Here is the photo of Pranav…I hope you wouldn’t mind, Pranav –

Definitely he has gone through some teeth treatment otherwise how come, I am not able to see his teeth 8).