Sushmita Sen and Independent Ladies

Till date, I liked Sushmita Sen for reflecting the image of a successful, independent woman and lot of other reasons but today something happened which made me “hate” her and you will understand what I am meaning provided you know that you will rarely hear hate word coming from me.


It is this personal experience which made me give the above statement about Sushmita Sen. You might be appreciating her for striving as a strong  individualist woman, having adopted a baby and nurtured her all these years. 


Today someone confidant talked about adopting a child and that made my perspective about so called independent ladies go 180 degrees. Why would someone single go for adopting a child than finding a partner? Isn’t it just a way to tell society that you can strive without its interference when you are not asked for it at all and doesn’t that sound quite egoist? To me, it does and it purely came from the feeling I had when I heard about that plan which didn’t appear less than sick in that moment!

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