Relationships and Mann

There was a discussion started with a friend murmuring lines of Jagjit Singh –

Na umar ki seema ho na janm ka ho bandhan, jab pyar kare koi toh dekhe kewal mann

The topic was if these lines were relevant in today’s time when most of people specialize in faking their nature and attitude. They make you believe that they are the best people you ever met and by the time you face the reality, it is already too late. If you try to understand each other by giving each other some time, people point fingers at you, specially in societies like India and if you don’t, there is always a danger to face the crisis once you are into that institution. There was discussion on couple of incidents and realistic mapping in few movies including Drive Angry where girl trusts her partner too much since he got her after many efforts and in all this, she doesn’t realize that he did this effort so that she can pay his bills and he can njoy life behind her back.


Three most important words which work as pillars of any relation – Time, Trust and Understanding.


PS: I can see new people making appearance on this blog through this post which are fun to be with!

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