Yamla Pagla Deewana

Yamla Pagla Deewana will always remain imprinted in my memories because of the company I had. I was there at MGF for last show of the day with my best friend on 4th day of its release.


yamla pagla deewana


Movie starts quite slowly with Banaras in background, crooks in foregrounds and meaningless item songs but it catches up with Punjab and Punjabis in second half for what was missed in first half. There is laughing riot in second half in form of one-liners, jokes, funny accents for every that person who can understand Punjabi even remotely.


Dharmaendra’s looks are at his best as always and he plays his role of friend cum father very well with one exception of weak dance steps which I think is what people kinda like as well. I don’t think anyone else could play the role of funny hitman better than Sunny Deol. Bobby could had performed better than what he has with beautiful debutant actress and might think of selecting his clothes sensibly. The guy whose acting outperforms everyone else (though his role is kept quite short) and makes you like him in his Punjabi avatar, comes as the best surprise from the movie – Mukul Dev. His typical Punjabi accent, one liners and being drunk all the time revives memories of those remote villages.


Overall, it was good experience and I was smiling while coming out of PVR though there was some smoke coming from my fuming sidewise!


Rating: 6/10

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