Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps and The Social Network

Though this movie didn’t sound so good to me but it was occasion to team up with Kanav. We were going to watch a movie after years to revive those old times when there used to be couple of movies every week (you can find mention of those times at lot of places in past over this blog). The place was DLF Promenade Mall and movie was Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps starring Douglas and Labeouf – both belonging to their own different class.


Movie starts very slowly but picks up pace in some time when you see stock markets crashing, new players leaving the games in hands of old players and old players are revealed to be having their own dark pasts. In all this, there goes a love story attached to all the incidents going around. By the end, movie comes to a still again. Overall, it is an average presentation of what happened in most recent recession and how players overplayed this game in troubled times.


Rating: 5/10



It was a long time pending reunion with Sam and there we were at DT for The Social Network on this Sunday. Was fun to watch this movie. Based on facebook creator and his personal life. Not sure how much truth is there in the movie but overall direction and storyline impresses you. It ends leaving you demanding more from the movie. Nice acting and well written script/dialogues. Movie might had been made more transparent by fusing the trips between past events and present ongoing law-suite.


Rating: 7/10

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