Unsatisfactory and frustrating Airtel services

It has been six years since I have been regular user of Airtel services. Till recently, I always liked and appraised the Customer Care services they provided but for about last one year, their Customer Care department has become too negligent and frustrating to be ignored. This isn’t the case only in one state or region. There has been a significant drop in the time they take to resolve the complaints. My broadband connection was down for 4 days and despite calling the Customer Care repeatedly, you get to hear two phrases every time –

  • Your request is put on priority.
  • It will be fixed as soon as possible.

These are the responses which you get after their service limit of one day gets over otherwise you are assured of getting your problem fixed within 24 hours when you call very first time. You will face this problem for any kind of Airtel service, be it to activate ISD on your phone, transferring your connection or regarding your disconnected broadband service. For quite long time, I have been ignoring their unsatisfactory Customer Care services, may be because of good long time relation but looks like time has come to change the baton specially when there have come lot of other competitors in market which promise better services at quite lesser cost. In next few days, I will be looking out for short-listing one of those services.


Though would be sorry to say bye to a service provider for all its services (including Cellphone connection, Internet and TV) which used to be very efficient and effective at one time.

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