Raajneeti and Once Upon A Time

Pending reviews for long time – movies watched in same week of their release.

Two movies seen over consecutive weekends by same associates – Deepak, Rajesh and myself. There was details analysis post which I had written about review of these movies which got deleted (thanks to the abnormal as well as annoying behavior of live writer with WordPress blog during publishing)!


Here come few lines which I would still be interesting in writing about these movies.

Raajneeti is another masterpiece attempt by Prakash Jha at his directorial skills and it has been successful to quite much extent. He has tried to conceptualize the spirit of Mahabharata (great Indian epic) in today’s Indian politics. Has shown great deal of suspense in first half which makes you keep glued to your seat but after interval, you get feeling of 4 action packed movies added in just second half which can leave you shocked by the end and you might still be trying to make out some sense out of unbelievable action sequences after movie is finished.

The roles in this movie can be easily mapped to your work environment they way we were doing while watching the movie!

It was good to see all good actors in one movie and all of them have done a wonderful job including Katrina who has shown wisdom by keeping her role normal, short and little less smiley.


Rating: 6/10



Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai – Too slow and below expectations if you went to theatre like us expecting something near Company or Shootout at Lokhandwala. Not worth watching in a hall though songs are good and story leaves you expecting more from direction point of view.


Rating: 3/10

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