2012, Kurbaan and Ninja Assassin

All these movies on big screen this year.


2012 – It was Sunday and we two movie freaks were out together for first time. We have been doing lot of movie discussions when together, giving recommendations, sharing liking and disliking, criticizing and discovering new genres. Finally we got chance and time to watch a movie to give our review comments at same time. It was Sangameshwar Yadagiri whose company was making it special.

2012 is about the end of world and what can be done to save most of the creatures. The possible disaster ending the world appears quite possible with strong scientific backing. After watching movie it turns out that it is not suggesting quite visible option to save the world when it is about saving only fraction of world for those people who are supposed to superior in power or brain and nothing about rest of the world. There were many open loopholes which made us dislike it at places. Quite and average movie opposite to the hype created around it.


Rating: 6/10


Kurbaan – Am not quite believer that this duo can cause a crack at box office but the specialty behind watching this movie was the last outing of we four room-mates together – it was already known to all of us. Treasured that evening like never before.

Kurbaan is on the background of 7/11 (same as Khuda Ke Liye and New York) and it has got some very close to life facts and at the same time, some very out of question points which makes it an average movie.


Rating: 7/10


Ninja Assassin – Second movie with Sam and it was fun as well. Another action masterpiece from the creators of Matrix.


Rating: 8/10

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