Drop in quality movies

It is almost the finish of first quarter of this year and I happen to watch only two movies in theatre which sounds quite unrealistic for a movie lover like me.


And I would blame it to the movie directors and actors. My decision to watch only good movies in theatre this year is making me realize how lavishly my money used to be spent in past and how rare are the good movies made in India. There has been no drop in the count of movies which I have been watching at home – be in home theatre or TV, which in fact I feel that it has increased as compared to the last year but then not to have gone to PVR means there is something wrong with movie industry.


Blame it the more interest in IPL by Bollywood millionaires who want to invest every penny of their treasure to be doubled or blame it on decrease in count of good writers cum directors, I just want to mention that in future, I don’t want to have feeling of the busiest person to have not brought out time in start of year 2009 for not watching movie when I know the reason is very clearly. So here is the note to justify the same in future. period.

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