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There has been no post about movies in this month even when I have been watching them continuously. There has been some old time movies which I can watch again and again & never wrote reviews about them. So here I am taking opportunity to cover those all time favorite movies as well.


Anand – A movie which I can watch any time any number of times because it motivates you to live life all over again for everyone around you. A movie I can call as my Darling Movie.


Rating: 9/10



Hera Pheri – Another all time favorite movie which contains as much rare mix of cultures and humor as mush Gol Maal contained.


Rating: 8/10



Anger Management – Contains humor but also quite much boredom which can’t be handled at places. So yeah good fun but not above average. Wouldn’t amaze why its Bollywood copy Mujhse Shaadi Karogi  was even worse.


Rating: 6/10



Changeling – Touching true story of a mother who fought to get her lost child back from adamant LA police of that time. Great acting by Angelina Jolie. In first half you feel that this movie might not be going anywhere or might be disappointing but with time, it starts proving you false and by the end, you feel it worth your money. I felt that time of LA civil servants quite resembling with our country’s present civil servants and in fact this movie suggests how Indian civil servants can be brought into right lane by citizens, if taken seriously.


Rating: 7/10



Role Models – Story of one “over expecting from life” and other “disappointed from life” guys who happen to discover right level of expectance from life but it takes them about 100 minutes by the time they can get something out of it which makes you left with expecting more from the movie.


Rating: 5/10



Seven Pounds – Because of him 7 lives were lost and he managed in his own way to give life to seven other lives – Bravo! But my question is why only those movies of Will Smith make to the point which can bring more sympathy for him from people. Nah such actors are not meant for me to watch if it is only for gaining popularity. Overall movie is quite good provided you know the hidden meaning behind its name.


Rating: 7/10



The Game – Quite good and interesting subject but movie becomes very slow in middle to make your eyes shut at least ones. Bollywood movie Bluffmaster was its copy and was better than this, I would say, may be because Bluffmaster was made after quite couple of years.


Rating: 6/10



Haasil – Movie showing the actual political drams of UP – an eye-opening truth. Good work by writer cum director – Tigmanshu Dhulia.


Rating: 8/10



Dus Kahaniyan – Though the underlying intentions of every single story is good but the projection of those intentions over screen isn’t right in even single story – bad of directors.


Rating: 4/10

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