Lame excuses about website movement

Some people try to do it so stupidly that they completely overlook the fact that there are still other people in this world who can think. Here is this developer Avinash V on webpage of whom I happened to stumble and here is what was displayed on that website –

Hey! My host died, and so I am currently in the process of moving them over. Thanks!

I was interested in knowing who that died host is and a little host lookup revealed it as – a hosting provider ranked as no. 1 by a popular tech website recently. Also this provider was providing mass registrations at very discounted prices recently and may be this webmaster has followed that way. That’s why I couldn’t understand what is worng with suc people in this world to put up a right message on website that leaving them thinking. That’s why I couldn’t understand what is worng with such people in this world for not putting up a right message on website which leave others thinking.


PS/Disclaimer: Yours Sincerely is also hosted on

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  1. Hey!

    I’m Avinash V, the aforementioned website owner. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t on Dreamhost when my host died. Dreamhost has it’s problems, but this wasn’t one of them. I’ve had a Dreamhost account for various side-projects and the like for quite some time now, but I only just moved over when my current host went over. The page you saw is the result of a script that essentially is served when my WordPress install gets corrupted.

    I have to ask though, I am confused as to what you are saying here: “That’s why I couldn’t understand what is worng with suc people in this world to put up a right message on website that leaving them thinking.” I’m not trying to be demeaning, but I sincerely don’t understand. Care to explain?

  2. Hi Avinash,

    The reply was quite expected from you but I wondered what it took you so long for that 🙂
    Firstly, no offence was meant for you at all but to pass a message to display right message on the website when it is down.
    Secondly, as you couldn’t understand few words, I have modified the post for better understanding as it was meant to be short fast post. I was little disappointed because I had to waste my extremely unneeded minutes to open your website and see that message :D.

    It can’t be possible for a host finder to provide wrong hosting details for a domain. So at least your website’s nameserver was pointing to and that’s why I couldn’t understand how in this world dreamhost goes down only for one website. Even now the website is being shown to be hosted on

    As you accepted that by mistake you couldn’t know that your website was down (, fairly possible that you also didn’t know that website is displaying misguiding message for a well known hosting provider.

    Hope you have updated the message now!

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