Movies over weekend

There was another big round of movies over long Holi weekend. Was great splash over Holi on Saturday.


Watched Race on Friday. Wasn’t too hard to get ticket for house-full show. It got the twists which keeps to struck to your seats and forces you to keep your eyes open in whole movie. I think even Abbas-Mastan wouldn’t have ever thought before that they will be making such a twisted movie. Nice movie told in short and not having very good story especially when I can catch the story suspense part within 30 seconds of its occurrence. Music as well as the background music effects in this movie were good.

Rating: 7.5 / 10


Life is Beautiful (6/10) – Really it is if you dare to overlook the woes of wars. (Wanted to watch it because I had overheard once someone saying that this was the one most justified movie to win Oscar.)


Pink Panther (1963) (5/10) – Wasn’t too funny. The later version of movie is funnier.


Super Star (6/10) – Luck plays a big role, according to such movies but you should still keep trying for better.


The Pursuit of Happyness (3/10) – A crap like by so many people who think that happiness comes with money. Warning – It is a very very serious movie.


Seven (7/10) – One shouldn’t be too brittle to stick to rules but should keep trying to make others follow them in easier way. At least I came to know about the seven sins although now the number has increased. Following from old version –






New Sins:

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