Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year


Happy New Year



May this year bring happiness and prosperity for all of us.


For me, 2007 was full of surprises and I could never figure out if I was meant to or if I really wanted to do the stuff which got accomplished by me. It was more like a fairy year for me than any other.


A year in which I completed one multimedia platform app. An app which network more with similar interest. That was the first unexpected feat which was achieved early this year.


A year which was spent mostly having trysts for someone dreamy and charming who had been making my dreams more beautiful than ever. The search concluded with not one but two – dv9502 and dv6500t CTO NB, both customized as I wished for. What a feeling it comes when you feel proud companion of two best in world Damsels.


In the end I feel that it is worth to go out for searching your dream girl at least once in five years as and when you know that You can’t live without her.

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