Of course, I have been experimenting trysts with tech even in this period of inactivity and the ones which I am more excited about are VPN and MPAY.


VPN is a medium using which you can connect to your another network and to any PC over it, via Internet. I sometimes dreamt of working from home via VPN (yup nowhere else) and in that case, you have to go through long procedures of getting permissions including conditions like you must be working late ;-). Somehow I got my hands dirty with this thing and I would like to say only one sentence – You must try at least once what you have been dreaming of or thinking of. You might not like but of course, you wouldn’t regret of not doing it throughout rest of your life!!


MPAY is a bill pay service from Bharti Airtel by which you can pay your bills using your cellphone through your Credit Card. I have tried it for first time and it is damn easy…one more thing that I brought to work on the move!!

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