Story of Pirates

A story compiled about the people behind dreaming about making Internet a free place forever and for everything.


It was fun reading few quotable sentences in the story like –


How three Swedish geeks became Hollywood’s Number One enemy


With more than two million visitors every day, The Pirate Bay has become one of the sharpest thorns in the side of the media business.


Current top downloads include The Bourne Ultimatum, Die Hard 4.0 and Knocked Up ? all showing in British cinemas, but available to watch on a computer screen for those willing to take the risk.


The crux of the defence is that The Pirate Bay operates like any internet search engine: it points to downloads, rather than hosting any illegal content itself. Under Swedish law this has so far made it immune to prosecution.


“I don’t like the word untouchable, but we feel pretty safe,” said Mr Sunde.


“But the thing is that the people who download the most are also the ones who spend the most on buying media. Media companies already know that they have to change.”


He says piracy is a way of life on the internet. “I started off copying disks on my computer when I was eight or nine,” he said. “You should never tell people where they can’t go or what they can’t do.”

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