I feel so much sleepy on Mondays and they say that it can be because of spending lot of time in front of TV or surfing Internet. The reason given is that longer expose to media can result in insufficient sleep.

Watching TV before going to bed could make you feel like you have not had enough sleep.

The phenomenon is referred to as – self-perceived insufficient sleep. Here is excerpt –


Sleepy? Spend less time on the internet or watching TV, say scientists


People who spend time on the internet or watching television before they go to bed are more likely to feel like they don’t get enough sleep.


“While many people use electronic media, such as the internet, it should be noted that the longer media use before sleep can trigger (self-perceived) insufficient sleep,” lead researcher Dr. Nakamori Suganuma, of Osaka University, Japan, told Reuters Health.


He and colleagues obtained data on self-perceived sleep problems and the use of electronic media prior to bedtime from a total of 5,875 Japanese respondents to two separate Internet-based surveys.


Notably, Suganuma said, “Internet use affected self-perceived insufficient sleep more than TV watching…not only in younger Internet users but also in middle-aged or aged Internet users.”


Nearly half of the respondents associated their lack of sleep with electronic media use before bedtime. Those reporting longer electronic media use were also more likely to report insufficient sleep.


I don’t agree with them because there has been time when I wasn’t doing anything over weekend, not even surfing but roaming around with friends but still Monday used to be a big day for me to stay awake by gulping cups of coffee.

And the legacy is continuing when I spend lot of time over Internet even on weekends now but still wandering habit is kept intact and this Sunday was solely dedicated to movie watching and exploring Noida!


But have you read that it was limited only to Japanese where sun rises before any other country!!

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