It was just day before when I got chance to involve with friends at work in a discussion about the upcoming Indian politicians. They were all talking about young energetic politicians who were highly qualified, big businessmen and then chose politics to improve this country. They were impressed with few of their recent interviews over TV which I never preferred to listen. My point was that it should reflect in your work and you should get to hear about their achievements through news sources instead of you yourself urging to waaste your precious hours watching their interviews and listening all the crap which is just theoretical.


And I felt justified of my statements made that day when today I got to read this news that shining young congress MP Sachin Pilot who at Page 2 was talking about great Indian Leaders of future and what qualities they should possess. On Page 17 of same newspaper, there was a news about same politician asking minorities to continue their struggle for reservation. Ah, these politicians. I wonder why Times Of India selects such bas***** as its flag-holders.

The old ones are like the way they were – selfish and cunning!


Honestly, none of today’s leaders (politicians / bureaucrats) have impressed me except Atal Bihari Vajpai and Montek Singh Ahluwalia.


It was good to see Times Of India going open source in its own way – no more login is required to read the newspaper. You just have to select the city-edition and newspaper will be in front of you!


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